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New Guinea

New Guinea (Super):

This is the robust palm with stout and tall trunk. Nuts are large,the colour varies from Green to Brown. Life of the plant is 110 years and maximum height is 20 to 25 feet. The nuts contain plenty of sweet water in the tendurnut stage. Copra weight is about 80z and the oil content is 66% Yielding per annum 450 to 500 Nuts.

– Rs. 250/Each

Micro Dwarf:

Resembles the ordinary tall variety but characterised by small sized nuts and large sized branches, each containing at times even 200 nuts or more Both spherical and elongate nuts abserved with colour from green to brown. Tendernut water is little and fairly sweet.  Copra good but output very low per nut.

– Rs. 300/Each

Micro Dwarf
All Fruit Plants

All Fruits Plants:

We offer high class varieties of fruit plants such as mango, sapotta, pomegranate, lemon, guava etc. at affordable price. 

– Rs. 150/Each

All Flower Plants:

Apart from offering high class varieties of coconut seedlings, fruit plants. We also offer varieties of flower plants at most inexpensive prices.

– Rs. 150/Each

All Flower Plants