About Us

We are the leading nursery men supplying in the bulk the several varieties of coconut seeding, grafter mango plants, guava, sapota (chiku), pomegranate and various varieties of lime etc., from our nursery garden.

We pride ourselves being the trusted suppliers of New Guinea (Super) Hybrid and Micro Dwarf Coconut Seedlings (Yielding within three years) to various Central and State Government Departments, Panchayat Samithis, Block Development Offices and the like throughout India for the past 84 years. The Seedlings supplied by us to Resorts, Nurserymen, Various Government Departments etc., are yielding fruits enormously within the Stipulated period of yielding, promoting the self-sufficiency within the country. Moreover our Seedlings are moving towards Export Orientation obtaining Huge Foreign Exchange for Our Nation.

These Unique and Highly Profitable varieties of Dwarf and Hybrid Coconut Seedlings are grown by us after a prolonged Research and Scientific Methods, from and out of the existing Coconut trees Which are giving yield for the past 75 years and they are ready for sale and germination purposes. This is the best opportunity for Resorts, Nursery men, Plant Merchants and for the persons who have novel idea of raising Coconut topes for experimenting our Unique and Special Dwarf & Hybrid varieties of Seedlings.

These seedlings commence yielding within a short span of 2 ½ to 3 years. The Seednuts, if planted in the month of April or May will grow to height of 4 to 5 feet by the fourth-coming rainy season i.e. in the month of July or August. These Coconut Seednuts grow in any type of Soil viz. Garden Soil, Loom Sandy Soil etc. And they sustain different Climate (Hot or Cold) and Seasons. They are grown throughout the Indian Territory since they Sustain and withstand continuous and Heavy Rains, Excessive Heat or Chilly Cold. The Germination Capacity of the Seeds are guaranteed Up to 95%.

Rolling Cup Award

Our firm has won many awards in the field of Coconut Plantation. Our Founder & Chairman Mr. K.S. Showkath Ali receiving the Rolling Cup for the Hon’ble Malhothra (Ex-Army Officer) for their achivement in Coconut farming in a Contest held at Ooty.